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Safety Updates

Update as of January 3, 2022

A new mandate is now in place for all restaurants in The City of Philadelphia. Proof of Vaccination and photo ID is required to eat  or drink indoors. We still offer take out service and outdoor seating.

Update as of November, 2020 

We are back to take out and outdoor dining for at least 6 weeks. Masks are required at all times when on the premises except when seated to eat or drink. We are continuing to follow the cleaning protocols set by the City including frequent sanitizing of all tables, chairs and touch surfaces.  We are striving to keep our employees and customers safe during Covid.



Effective May 30, 2020 and May 31, 2020

Employee Cosmic Procedures

  • Employees will be screened before entering the café

  • Staff will be asked if they have been feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone sick or diagnosed with COVID 19. If they have a fever or any symptoms of illness, they will be asked to go home.

  • Each staff will have their temperature taken and recorded.

  • Staff must wear a mask or shield and gloves while working. Gloves must be changed after each task.

Café and Bar Cleaning Procedures

  • Before Café and Bar opens, all surfaces will be wiped down with a disinfected spray.

  • The patio will be restricted to one entrance, with a staff person. The staff person will direct people to either the takeout bar area or the takeout café order and pick up windows.

  • All Chairs will be removed from the bar and patio. Tables will be placed around the perimeter to discourage gathering. 

  • Pavement Markers for Social distancing will be clearly marking both the café and bar lines. These will be checked and reapplied if necessary, at the café and bar designated queue.

  • Signs will be placed at the entrance to the patio and at the Bar explaining our rules for safety. 

  • Employee Restroom will be disinfected after each use.

Customer Safety Procedures

  • Customers are required to wear a mask when ordering and picking up food and beverages. Signs will be posted on the windows. 

  • There are two designated windows, which are marked by overhead signs, Order Here and Pick Up Here. 

  • We have a contactless ordering system for credit cards. Cash is also an option since the staff will have gloves on.

  • All orders are considered takeout and will be wrapped and bagged with person’s name on it.

  • Customers will not have any access to touch foods or beverages. All food and drink will be handled by the staff.

  • Staff will continuously disinfect all surfaces, as necessary.

Yellow Phase of Cosmic Café and Schuylkill CiderHouse Tentative June 5, 2020

  • All safety procedures will be intact as stated above.

  • A staff person will be outside at the entrance to the patio answering questions and directing people to the correct window or bar.

  • All food will be considered take out and will be bagged for the customer to take away or eat on the patio. Staff will be assigned to sanitize each table and chair after the customers leave.

  • Everyone will still be asked to wear masks when ordering and picking up food. Staff will always wear a mask/shield and gloves.

  • No chairs will be at the bar.

  • Chairs will be placed around the tables, which will be 10 feet apart.

  • Restrooms will be disinfected after each use by a customer.


Please continue to check back for updates as things are changing DAILY.

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